FAQ: Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke
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How do I put the add-ons into my pledge?

1). Click the 'Back this Kickstarter' button 2). Select your main pledge 3). Increase the total £amount shown at the top by the cost of any desired add-ons eg. If you want to back at Skirmish (£55) and add-on the Painting Buddha DVD (£21) and an extra regular model (£12) you would simply add these together - £55 + £21 + £12 = £88 - and then put in this total as your pledge amount. At the end of the Kickstarter I will send out a pledge manager. This happens during a period known as fulfillment. With this you can let me know what specific add-ons you want. Last updated: Sat, Jul 12 2014 12:13 pm EDT

How big are the miniatures?

Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke miniatures are at 32mm scale. This means that the distance from the underside of the foot to the eye-line, of a man standing at 5'10", measures 32mm on an Infamy miniature. Obviously some models are taller, some are shorter. Overall, Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke miniatures line up comfortably in the company of most 28mm - 32mm ranges. Last updated: Sat, Jul 12 2014 12:20 pm EDT

What are the Kickstarter Exclusive and Kickstarter Special Miniatures?

The Kickstarter Exclusive miniatures will only ever be available from Kickstarter. Kickstarter Specials will never be sold in standard brick and mortar or online retail, but, you'll be able to get them at shows that I attend or as prize/promo items from time-to-time. The list of Kickstarter Exclusives (KE) and Kickstarter Specials (KS) is as follows: Nikola Tesla - KE Captain Brindie - KS Dimension Hop Tesla - KS Harry 'The Hat' Hallahan - KE Princess Outis - KE Professor Hoome - KE Small Futura - KS Should they be unlocked, there will also be: 900 backers - Electromagnet Tesla - KS £87.5k - Alternate Frank Hyde - KS Last updated: Sun, Aug 10 2014 3:35 am EDT

How will the pledge manager work?

I'm currently looking at a few out of the box solutions, along with some more bespoke packages. You'll be able to let me know all your details and what miniatures and add-ons you want, of course, but I'll hopefully be able to throw in some cool additional functionality. I will keep backers informed of developments with this as soon as I have them. If you aren't happy with your final pledged amount when the campaign is over you should be able to add-on extra. I don't yet know if upping pledge levels will be possible but I'm looking into it. Last updated: Sun, Aug 10 2014 3:47 am EDT

What are the basic requirements for a game?

You just need access to or a download of the living rulebook, some dice, a standard playing card deck (one per-player), something to measure distance and a gaming area with some scenery. Last updated: Sun, Aug 10 2014 3:47 am EDT

How many models are needed for a gang?

You can play a fun game with just a couple of miniatures per player, but, things get really fun and versatile once you boost that up to four. Games of Infamy: WtTBS work at their best with between 4-6 miniatures per side. Last updated: Sun, Aug 10 2014 3:47 am EDT

What sort of board type and size are games played on?

Games are at their best played on a 4' x 4' gaming board, but, you can play on smaller if that's all that's available, just be aware that these games will be extremely vicious. Lots of scenery makes games more interesting and tactical, as does different levels of elevation, but, a great game can still be had on a very basic board! Last updated: Sun, Aug 10 2014 3:47 am EDT

How is a game played?

Take a look at the set of three gameplay videos to see exactly how! Video #1 - The Card Deck - http://youtu.be/SJnDf9TwGbA Video #2 - Pre-game and the first turn - http://youtu.be/lvFZ6vL23S0 Video #3 - Finishing the game - http://youtu.be/fcZvJ-LqN5M Last updated: Sun, Aug 10 2014 3:47 am EDT

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